The Good Bean is a simply awesome snack! You can enjoy it many ways – as a topping for salads or soups (healthy croutons, anyone?), on your breakfast cereal, on yogurt, or just straight out of the bag!

Here are some ideas. Add your own twist!

1. Sprinkle some Cracked Pepper over a Greek salad of cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, olive oil, and vinegar!

2. Cracked Pepper would also be super-delicious mixed into potato salad, egg-salad or tuna salad for a nice, peppery crunch!

3. We love Smoky Chili + Lime sprinkled on guacamole. Tortilla chips never had it so good!

4. Sea Salt is great on salads of all kinds! Sprinkle it on for crunchy goodness anywhere you would use nuts, seeds, or croutons.

5. What about Sea Salt tossed into your next bowl of tomato soup?!

6. We LOVE Sweet Cinnamon as a topping for our morning bowl of yogurt. Granola be gone!