Without a doubt, we love chickpeas best when they’re roasted and seasoned like The Good Bean. But we must confess, we actually are obsessed with chickpeas in any form. Not only are they super-healthy, but they’re just so nutty, buttery, and versatile that we never tire of them.

No wonder chickpeas are used in classic dishes the world over. We’re always on the hunt for great recipes that use chickpeas. Here are some of them.

1. Chana Masala: This classic curry from Northern India is a favorite at our house. Chickpeas are slow cooked with aromatic spices, a green chili or two, and lots of juicy tomatoes and onions. Best with basmati rice or nan.

2. Hummus: Who doesn’t love this delicious Middle-Eastern spread? We like it best when it’s homemade, drizzled with olive oil, and a little chunky. Pita bread, here we come!

3. Falafel: Crunchy, spicy, delectable little balls of vegan goodness. Our favorite falafels are always the ones we grab from street vendors in New York.

And there are so many more. Watch this space as we build out Spot The Chickpea, and start posting recipes!