Diabetic snackingNovember is Diabetic Awareness Month. For the next 30 days (ironically timed to follow Halloween candy-fests), people and organizations all over the country are holding events and seminars to make this epidemic part of our national conversation.

And it’s about time. Diabetes is an epidemic in every sense of the word:
– 23.6 million American have diabetes
– even more worrying, 57 million Americans are most likely undiagnosed
– and 2 million children between the ages of 12-19 are pre-diabetic, meaning they have health conditions that put them at high risk for diabetes.

Diabetes is a blood disease where bodies cannot process sugar in the bloodstream. This leads to a wide variety of ailments, including heart disease, eye problems, kidney disease, and even diseases of the nervous system.

The reason this is an urgent and topical issue is because diabetes is, primarily, a lifestyle disease. By this, I mean that diabetes is both preventable, and once contracted, manageable, simply though healthy lifestyle choices.

Foods that are low in sugar and starch, and higher in protein and fiber, can go a long way toward managing or preventing diabetes. While all beans are healthy, The Good Bean in particular is made of a special variety of chickpeas that have a very beneficial effect on blood sugar, and can single-handedly help manage sugar spikes.
So this November, go ahead and grab some Good!