Delicious gluten-free chickpeasHow do you turn a bummer into a blessing? By inventing a new snack, of course!

Ten years ago, gluten sensitivities were ignored by doctors, but now studies show that over ten percent of people react negatively to this chewy protein found most commonly in grains like wheat, spelt and barley. Symptoms range from the destruction of the intestines, for those with celiac disease, to indigestion, fatigue and headaches, for those with gluten sensitivities.

Luckily, with new awareness comes new snacks. When Sarah Wallace, the founder of The Good Bean was diagnosed with diabetes, she decided to cut out gluten and refined carbohydrates from her diet. Instead of making lemonade with her lemons, she roasted up a batch of crunchy chickpeas, coated them in delicious seasonings, and thus The Good Bean was born! There is zero gluten and refined carbs, making it a safe snack for those with sensitivities, or who just want a healthy high-fiber, protein packed nosh. So rip open a bag and leave your worries at the door!

As “gluten free” becomes a household name, more people are discovering their sensitivities and laying off typical snacks. Even Oprah has experimented with removing from her diet, during her 21-day detox. Go to the store today and you’ll find a ton of gluten-free products, ranging from dinner rolls to cupcakes to graham crackers. Why does The Good Bean stand out? Because instead of being filled with starchy rice flour and tapioca starch like those other snacks, it has 6 grams of fiber and 7 grams of protein per serving.

Snackers both with and without gluten sensitivities agree that the savory flavors are a great alternative for chips, crackers and croutons, and to satisfy a sugar craving, our Sweet Cinnamon flavor hits the spot. With snacks like this, it’s never been easier to avoid gluten!