We’re partnering with Family Food Experts to share our snacks with moms and dads looking for healthy food for the whole family. The group includes Food and Nutrition Experts and Registered Dietitians committed to helping educate parents about nutrition so families can eat healthier. A great mission, right? We thought so, and we wanted to help! So we’re offering some lucky winners lots of snacks to make the in-between meal times a little easier, and a lot healthier. Want to enter? Do it here!  Not convinced free snacks are your thing? Read on!

Parents love us because:

*We’re SUPER healthy! Seriously, just one serving of our chickpeas has:

  •  As much fiber as 2 cups of broccoli!
  • As much protein as an egg!
  • As much folate as 3 cups of spinach!

*We’re nut-free! In fact, our roasted chickpea snacks are made in a dedicated-nut free facility!

*We’re gluten-free. Certified!

*We’re non-GMO. Certified!

Kids love us because:

*We taste good!


I can’t wait to hear why you love us!