We received a few emails from customers pointing out that our 2.5 oz bags of our roasted chickpea snacks had more chickpeas in them than the bag said. Our packaging claimed two servings, but some customers were measuring almost 3 servings per bag. Ha! Take that chip bag full of mostly air! We were giving people MORE than they thought they would be getting! We did some measuring at the office so we could get to the bottom of these discrepancies.


Our older packaging lists a serving size as being 1/4 cup, or 35 grams. However, customers measuring in cups were finding closer to 3 servings of 1/4 a cup. If measuring by weight (in this case, grams) there were in fact two servings, or, 70 total grams in the bag. It turns out relying on cups to measure a serving size of chickpeas can lead to some inaccuracies, because the chickpeas vary in size. The new packaging for our 2.5 oz bags and our 6 oz bags measure a serving as 1 oz. So, a 2.5 oz bag has 2.5 servings, and a 6 oz bag has 6 servings. Don’t you love when math is easy! No more measuring a serving size using cups. No more grams, either. (Sorry metric system)


So if you have our snacks in the older packages, you’ll notice that the back reads 2 servings, each of which is 1/4 a cup. But you’re actually getting closer to 2.5 servings, so plan accordingly. If you have our snacks in the newer packages, everything is accurate, so do nothing except EAT :)

serving size changes

Old package versus new package