The Fruit & NO-NUT Bar

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The Good Bean Fruit & No-Nut Bar
Introducing The Good Bean’s Fruit & No-Nut Bar! Fruit & nut bars are the ideal healthy snack any time of day, and the growing popularity of this category is testament how much people love them. Here’s a bar with all the textures, flavors, and wholesomeness of fruit & nut bars, but without the fat and allergens of nuts! Our bars – packed with seeds, fruits, and chocolate – are truly delicious, and pack a nutritious wallop.
“Say no to nuts and
yes to healthy indulgence!”


This bar is an all-natural whole food.
We source the most delicious, minimally
processed ingredients
available, stay away
from genetically modified foods, and are
committed to ethical trade practices.

Gluten free
Nut free*
8g protein
Fair trade
Hexane free
140 cals per bar
High fiber
*Good Manufacturing Practices are used to segregate the production of this bar in a facility that processes peanuts, treenuts & gluten.