The Fruit & NO-NUT Bar

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The Good Bean Fruit & No-Nut Bar
Did you hear about those chickpeas that walked into a bar? We’re so crazy about nutty roasted chickpeas that we put them in everything! Our crispy-chewy-fruity bars are naturally high in fiber, a good source of protein, and have way fewer calories than the average fruit & nut bar. But the nutrition label is only part of the story. It’s what’s inside that really counts- and inside is a bar so yummy that you won’t believe it’s good for you! Recommended by 100% of the taste testers here at The Good Bean!
So go nuts, or rather no-nuts,
with The Good Bean!


This bar is an all-natural whole food.
We source the most delicious, minimally
processed ingredients
available, stay away
from genetically modified foods, and are
committed to ethical trade practices.

Gluten free
Nut free*
8g protein
Fair trade
Hexane free
140 cals per bar
High fiber
*Good Manufacturing Practices are used to segregate the production of this bar in a facility that processes peanuts, treenuts & gluten.