The Good Bean Chickpeas mentioned in Marie Claire Blog!



Marie Claire blog mentions The Good Bean in article for “7 Healthy Snacks for Work”. Editor Katja Cho recommends The Good Bean Chickpeas over chips and popcorn as the healthy alternative. Katja stated “Chickpeas are a good source of protein and fiber, meaning that they will get, and keep, you full.”

Good Bean Chickpeas mentioned in Yahoo News!


Editor Elettra Wiedemann wrote an article called “This Is What You Should Be Eating Before and After a Workout.” Featured in the article are competitive athlete’s who share their healthy snack secrets. USA Olympic Figure Skater Team Maia & Alex Shibutani said “Recently we started bringing dried chickpeas with us. They are a great source of protein, and the company, The Good Bean, has a variety of flavors.”

Inc. 5000 Ranks The Good Bean as one of the Top 50 Growing Business in America!

inc 5000The Good bean was ranked 15 out of 50 women lead growing businesses in America. Editor Elaine Godfrey said “Small businesses account for almost all job creation in America, and more entrepreneurs can mean better economic opportunities for everyone. This year, 50 ambitious and confident women CEOs continue to affirm that entrepreneurship is a task for both genders. We’ve compiled a list of the top 50 fastest-growing female-led companies in America, from IT to architectural services.”

Roasted Chickpea was mentioned on for Top 50 Fiber Dietary Snack!



Roasted Chickpeas made #6 on Today Show!


NBC Today Show!

NBC Today Show List Top 8 Gluten Free Comfort Food!

The Today show ranked their Top 8 Gluten-Free Snacks. Chickpeas ranked #6 this year. Editor Lauren Salkeld said “Naturally gluten-free, The Good Bean Chickpea Snacks offer an easy way to fuel up on both protein and fiber. They make a great on-the-go snack but can also be sprinkled over salads or vegetables dishes to add nutrition and crunch.”

Roasted Chickpeas: A Global Snack

Chickpeas at an Indian MarketRoasted chickpeas are a much loved street food and snack in many parts of the world. In Turkey, large Kabuli chickpeas are shelled, salted, spiced with cloves, and sometimes even candied into a snack called “Leblebi.” The origins of Leblebi, according to Wikipedia, date back to 1300 AD, apparently a popular snack amongst the Ottoman Turks. From Turkey, the Leblebi trend spread out to North Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and even some Asian countries. In Iran, roasted chickpeas are eaten with raisins as a sort of Middle Eastern trail mix.

South Asia, especially India, would doubtless claim ownership of roasted chickpea snacks too. Street snacking is a thriving pastime in modern Indian cities. Amidst the roasted corn sellers and fritter vendors, you are guaranteed to find a roasted chickpea vendor or two. These turbaned and mustachioed men have a simple setup – a glass case to display their roasted wares, and a coal-fired brazier where the chickpeas are roasted in ancient little woks. These chickpeas are usually served up in paper cones, the shell still intact, with a squeeze of lime and some cilantro.

India’s love of roasted chickpeas runs the gamut of flavors and forms. Roasted chickpeas are often made into a brittle, called “chikki,” bound together with local palm sugar syrup and sometimes sesame seeds.

Spain and Mexico love their garbanzos (the other name for chickpeas!). However, they are most often served fried, as a street snack in Mexico or a tapa in Spain. Mexican garbanzos are boldly spiced with lime and chili, while the Spanish ones are fried in olive oil and then sprinkled with sea salt and smoked Paprika. Do you see where we got the inspiration for our Smoky Chili & Lime flavor?!

Spot The Chickpea!

Without a doubt, we love chickpeas best when they’re roasted and seasoned like The Good Bean. But we must confess, we actually are obsessed with chickpeas in any form. Not only are they super-healthy, but they’re just so nutty, buttery, and versatile that we never tire of them.

No wonder chickpeas are used in classic dishes the world over. We’re always on the hunt for great recipes that use chickpeas. Here are some of them.

1. Chana Masala: This classic curry from Northern India is a favorite at our house. Chickpeas are slow cooked with aromatic spices, a green chili or two, and lots of juicy tomatoes and onions. Best with basmati rice or nan.

2. Hummus: Who doesn’t love this delicious Middle-Eastern spread? We like it best when it’s homemade, drizzled with olive oil, and a little chunky. Pita bread, here we come!

3. Falafel: Crunchy, spicy, delectable little balls of vegan goodness. Our favorite falafels are always the ones we grab from street vendors in New York.

And there are so many more. Watch this space as we build out Spot The Chickpea, and start posting recipes!