Frequently Asked Questions

Why are chickpeas good for me?

Chickpeas are naturally high in fiber, a good source of protein, and low in fat. This makes them a great snack for anyone who wants a tasty, filling snack that gives them energy and good nutrition.

Is The Good Bean gluten-free?

Yes, The Good Bean is certified gluten-free. Chickpeas are naturally gluten-free and a great alternative to gluten-free starchy foods like rice.

Is The Good Bean Kosher?

Yes, all of our snacks are certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union (OU).

Why do some of the chickpeas in The Good Bean have more spice coating than others?

The Good Bean is an artisanal product. The spices are sprinkled and then hand-tossed into the chickpeas. That’s why each chickpea looks a little bit different.

Do The Good Bean’s Roasted Chickpea Snacks contain any nuts?

Our roasted chickpeas are made in a dedicated nut-free facility.

Do The Good Bean’s Bean Chips contain any nuts?

Our bean chips are also made in a dedicated nut-free facility.

Do The Good Bean’s Fruit & No-Nut Bars contain any nuts?

Our Fruit & No-Nut Bars are a nut-free product.
While they are made in a facility that processes peanuts and other tree nuts we follow Good Manufacturing Practices to prevent cross-contamination.

Does The Good Bean contain any oil?

Unlike other healthy snacks like nuts, The Good Bean is low in fat, has no saturated fat, and is completely cholesterol-free. However, there is a small amount of oil used to help our spices stay on our chickpeas for maximum deliciousness!

How can I get your snacks if I’m in Canada?

The Good Bean has made its way to Canada! You can check if we’re in a store near you using our store locator. If we aren’t near you yet, you can also find our snacks at and

How many chickpeas are in a one ounce serving?

There are about 75 chickpeas in a one ounce serving. Happy counting!

Who are the people on the packets?

They’re HO figures, less than an inch high, made for model railway enthusiasts. They’re made by Preiser and Woodland Scenics