Sea Salt

Sea Salt is where it all started for us at The Good Bean. The concept for The Good Bean was inspired by street vendors in Indian cities, who roast chickpeas in salt (yes, really), making those hard little beans nutty, crispy, buttery morsels of deliciousness.

Fast forward to today. We don’t roast our chickpeas in salt, but we sure do love how the hint of sea salt brings out the natural deliciousness of the chickpea itself. The Good Bean Sea Salt flavor is all about the bean, just the bean, and nothing but the bean… except it’s a little bit better.

Sea Salt contains 7g of protein, 6g of fiber, is low fat, and gluten-free. The next time you want to enjoy simple pleasures, won’t you try Sea Salt?

Life is simple. Whether you’re standing on your head or heading out the door, you can always grab some good!

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*US Customers Only: Due to high demand and restricted supply we are unable to guarantee that 18oz Sea Salt Organic Chickpeas (Costco only) is peanut free. Packaging has been updated accordingly. If you have any questions or purchased this item and you have nut allergies please contact No other items are affected.










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