Fruit & Seeds Trail Mix

The Good Bean Fruit & No-Nut, Fruit & Seeds Trail Mix Bar is packed with nutty roasted chickpeas, tangy dried cranberries, and crunchy pumpkin seeds for a satisfying snack that is high in fiber, a good source of protein and has a lot less fat than the average fruit & nut bar!

Our trail mix bar is a heady combination of tart, sweet, nutty good. We use cranberries sweetened with zingy pineapple juice –why sweetened, you ask? Have you TASTED an unsweetened cranberry – puckeroo! Anyway, we mix dried cranberries into our nutty chickpeas, sprinkle in bright green pumpkin seeds, add a dollop of sunflower seed butter, and toss in some orange zest. The result? An endlessly interesting party in your mouth, with flavors that just don’t stop giving, and nutrition that’s the real deal.

“Go nuts, or rather no-nuts, with The Good Bean!”
Gluten free




8g of protein

40%-60% less fat

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The Good Bean Fruit & No-Nut Bar